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Eco-friendly Reusable 
Speedy Hygienic Flip
Easy to wash


Flip Mask

Stay for Eco-environment

We will donate USD $1 from every Flip Mask order to support coffee grounds recycling in our society.

Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, aka "ZGCC", is an all-in-one coffee grounds recycling solution from recycling, upcycling, experiential workshops to charitable donation since 2015. It is the first coffee grounds recycling campaign in Hong Kong. Through the unique experience of transforming coffee grounds, we deliver the spirit of "Enjoy Coffee, Recycle Grounds" and utilizing the natural resource to its fullest for a more sustainable environment.



authoritative proved by

World best
design award

Oscar Award
in design field



"Marvellous and great craftsmanship!
The best partner for every business trip globally"

Humbert .P  (Capitalist) - Partner of Gaw Capital

"Coolest outdoor jacket ever!
The redeemer of every outing job" 
Patty (Famous TV Presenter, Travel & lifestyle  Channel in Taiwan)

"The pillow design is the most unique part in shell jacket market.
With 3-layer fully waterproof craftsmanship, 
I cannot find any defect in it

Liu Jia (UK IRATA Level 1 Certification) - Pioneer of China 's Cave exploration

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Fashionable Colours

Brighten up everyday's journey

Cosmic Black
Deep Sea Blue
Dusty Blue
Arctic White
Himalayan Pink

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