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The Strongest Upgrade Ever!
Ultralight Version built with advanced technology (Weight 300g only)

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Did you remember the Award-winning Pilloon Jacket that won many world-class product design awards in 2019?


AirOgo design team has been preparing for the second generation of air pillow jackets for everyone over the past few months,  which will provide you greater convenience during travel or outdoor activities. It is super light weight only 300g!!

2mins Video for Introducing
the new AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight

No matter on any transport


Sleeping Magic | The saviour of busy people

or heavy rain

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Ultimate block even thunderstorm | Great protection in uncertain weather


All-round Lightweight Jacket (weight 300g)

with AirOgo Patented built-in Travel Pillow

Thinner | Lighter | Slightly Elastic 

All-in-One Features Chart


✔️Ultralight | Only 300g for maximum portability.

✔️Invisible Neck Pillow | Quickly inflatable in one blow.

✔️Retractable Eye-Mask | Thermolite® thermostatic cotton for best comfort.

✔️100% Waterproof | Up to 20,000mm rainstorm resistance.

✔️High breathability | Air permeability 20000g/m2/24hr.

✔️Windproof | Resistant to the cold wind with 0CFM.

✔️Anti-UV | UV reduction rate of UPF50+ for skin protection.

✔️Antibacterial | Effectively shields external bacteria.

✔️Detachable Hood | Remove the hood for different styles.

✔️6 functional Pockets | Designed for your valuable belongings.

✔️Double YKK Zipper | Two-way adjustment, no more restrains.


Main Features in Pilloon Ultralight

1. World 1st Patented Built-in Neck Pillow (Upgraded)


 AirOgo Pillow |

Formed in 1 Breathe 
with silghtly elastic construction

The most annoying thing when traveling in a car or an airplane is sleeping.  It always make us coexisting with shoulder or neck pain in life.

but! in fact, AirOgo's the patented neck pillow from our jacket can help you support your neck , avoid unconsciously leaning for a long time. You can also lie on the pillow after get off work to relieve neck fatigue.


▲ The neck pillow has a new flat shape. Just touch the outer circle slightly ⭕️, take a deep breath and blow straightly to the neck pillow, press the middle round button again to squeeze out the air with one hand for deflated. The pillow returns to the normal hoot status! (The hood part just weight around 100g this time!)


[When the neck pillow meets the jacket = 1 + 1> 2]
AirOgo's Pillow is unique in the market. You can not find anything the same in this world.
Usually the fake neck pillow jacket is formed by Jacket and Travel Pillow separately, they are just combined with inserting process which is not literally "REAL BUILT-IN"; However, we are "the only one in the world" the thinnest and exactly make the neck pillow and jacket connected by technology. Real "ultra-light air neck pillow jacket".

2. Hidden Warm Eye-Mask (Upgraded)

Light-ray Block Function
Pull down & Fit with Magic tape at the side

Hidden Eye-Mask |


▲ Light has a lot to do with the quality of sleep.

Wearing eye masks creates an easy-to-sleep environment, so that you can be more energetic with quality sleep. The hoot hides our environmentally friendly thermostatic cotton eye mask made with 3M THERMOLITE®. The pull-down design is fixed on hood edge with magic tape. There are adjusting ropes on both sides to adjust the height of eye-mask to ensure that eye mask can fit various face shapes. It can be easily stored above the hat after use.

q12231 copy.jpg

▲ [Excellent material, lightweight and warm]
THERMOLITE® is environmentally friendly thermostatic cotton inspired by the hollow structure of polar bear hair, enveloping the air in the fiber to isolate the outside cold and achieve a light-weight insulation effect. Soft and comfortable, without friction, the washing and quick-drying effect is twice that of cotton and silk!

3. Detechable Hood 

Change different style in a second

Detechable Hood |

41243423 copy.jpg

What kind of style do you like? Urban fashion vs sports leisure?
"AirOgo Pilloon Jacket Ultralight" allows you to transform into what you want in one second. Whether it is a mountaineer, a traveler, a business person,  various identities can be freely changed.

4. Revelutionable Ultralight 

Only 300g as same as an APPLE

Ultralight Weight |


▲ Stop hesitation ! AirOgo can help you !

"What should I do if a sudden heavy rain happened without an umbrella?"
"There are only two pockets, belongings are not enough space to store."
"Why is it so trouble to bring a neck pillow, eye mask and coat on plane?!"

"Waterproof coat, UV-block Jacket, antibacterial shelter, light-weight Jacket. Why do we have so many separated different function jacket..."


Don’t worry! The ultra-light and thin air neck pillow jacket solves the above troubles, we include versatile but only weight 300 grams!

e43 copy.jpg

▲ The weight of the whole jacket is only 300 grams, if the hat is removed, it is only 190 grams! It is convenient to commute with in your backpack every day, and you are no longer afraid of any unpredictable weather!

5. Easy-to-pack (Packable) 

You can flip the whole jacket to small bag from left big pocket

Pocket to bag |


▲Pilloon Jacket Ultralight insists on fashion, simplicity, and slick appearance. Our designer carefully move all the zipper 2 cm deeper, so that no extra accessories can be seen on the entire surface. Although it is light and thin, it will not be loose without shape. Immediately reverse the jacket from the left pocket, store it into a handkerchief size easily and put it in your bag. It becomes your secret weapon to deal with all kinds of unpredictable weather.

6. 100% Fully Waterproof

Never afraid of bad weather

A Jacket that make you feel safe during journey

100% Waterproof |

e122 3.jpg

▲ It is so annoying for facing sudden heavy rain. All the way in wet can induce colds and other symptoms, what we need is invincible daily shelter.


▲ Light Rain water pressure resistance is about 100mm, the general rain is about 1400mm, heavy rain is about 6000~7000mm, the fire high pressure water column or waterfall impact pressure is about 10,000mm, and our jacket directly reaches the excellent level of 20,000mm


▲ Pilloon Jacket Ultralight collborate with Arc'teryx's Taiwanese supplier to develop this the surface layer of "anti-fan energy fabric", the middle layer of "breathable heat dissipation film" two layers of super light version, we call it It is Ultra-AirTex. Cold wind and moisture can't get in, and the film can let sweat vapor out naturally, so as to ensure a good dry and breathable effect.

7. Breathable

Get your sweat out of jacket

100% Breathable |


▲ Ultra-Airtex has micro-elasticity that can move with the human body to a large extention, you can easily show your strength. The moisture permeability (air) degree reaches 20,000mm/m2/24hr, and it can guide you sweat out of jacket.

8. Wind-proof

0 CFM  withstand strong wind

A Jacket that make you stand still with warmness

Wind-proof      |


▲ Excellent windshield! (0 CFM) It can resist the cold wind and keep the temperature. The hem of the jacket is equipped with a retractable adjustment rope to prevent the cold wind from sneaking into the body in all directions.

9. UV Protection & Anti-bacterial

Protect your skin health

UV Protection     |


Anti-bacterial    |

​Block the bacteria surround you


▲UV Protection: UV rays are the killer of aging, wrinkles and even skin diseases caused by human skin. We help you stop it. Put on this jacket for physical sunlight protection to reach UPF50 +, which means that it has 99% UV protection. 


▲Anti-bacterial: Blocking the invisible bacteria which infecting all kinds of common bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pneumobacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) to protect the body from in the air.

10. Multi-functional Pocket (6)

Enclosed with Zippers
​With perfect space for Phone & Passport

6 Pockets     |


▲Passpord/Banknote Pocket                        ▲Phone Pocket


▲Sleeve Pocket with Glasses Cloth     ▲Big Right Pocket with Key Holder


▲Big Left Pocket for Key Holder       ▲Sleeve Pocket with Glasses Cloth     


Don’t underestimate this light and thin jacket. There are 6 pockets so that each of your belongings has space for them:


① ②: Two anti-theft pockets inside the chest, you can put your mobile phone or passport wallet and other important items


③⑥: Put the leisure card in two arm pockets, and leave when you are in a hurry on the MRT. There is even a precision cloth sewn to wipe glasses and mobile phone lens.


④ ⑤: Two large outer pockets, easy to store and key ring hooks, more intimate and meticulous is that each pocket has a zipper, climbing, running, cycling do not worry about items falling

11Dedicated Craftmanship

2 ways adjustment
Release your big tummy after meal

YKK Double Zipper  |


▲The double-ended zipper that can be opened up and down allows you to free your waist and hips when wearing in an air-conditioned room, also when we riding a motorcycle, sometimes the hem of your jacket may get stuck when sitting , as long as the lower zipper is pulled up, it is not only comfortable, but also can keep the upper body warm against the wind.

​Strong restriction for daily resistant

Laminated Edge  |


▲ Our insistence on craftsmanship will never compromise to save costs! We use seamless technology to reinforce the stress points of every pocket, zipper and waist. This is an extremely expensive process. In order to ensure that the jacket and trousers can accompany through years, we will keep the product to last forever. Durable quality is our brand DNA. The neat appearance allows you to match formal wear without being obtrusive. Good quality, you definitely deserve it!


Pilloon Ultralight
Stylish & Functional for everywhere

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function in ENG.jpg

A Tutorial for showing "How to Flip Pilloon Ultralight into a small pocket bag"


Size Measurement of Pilloon Ultralight

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