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About Morse Code” : 17831121

We are a start-up company mainly focusing in Travel related business. We all live in a world of commitments. Travelling from places to places and cities to cities, we go to work meetings, engage in sports and activities, and meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. When we travel, we always suffer from fatigue due to excessive waiting and travelling time on the train or the plane. Our signature product Pilloon Jacket is designed with a patented hidden blown-up pillow with advance technology. An all-rounded support prevents stiff neck and corrects our sleeping posture at a sitting position. 

Once you received our jacket , you will find that Our logo included a bunch of “Morse Code” : 17831121. Becasue we aim to memories the first human hot air balloon flight created by Montgolfier brothers in Paris on November 21,1783, who brought human up to the sky for brand new angle,as a different ,extraordinary vision to see the whole world.

That is the reason why we called our jacket :

Pilloon (Pillow+Balloon)



AirOgo @ craftology company limited

HQ: Affluence Garden, New Territories, Hong Kong
CHINA Office: Block 2, Xianchuangyiyuan, Shanghai City

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