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Fashionable elastic outdoor active pants

Designed as a perfect complement to the Pilloon Ultralight, our Active Pants are wear-resistant, breathable, and quick-drying, providing you with an extremely functional and comfortable pair of pants for every outdoor condition.


Did you seen fashionable & slim cut outdoor pants? 


A Pants that can become a true wanderlust!


When you think about traveling, is there a pair of pants in your suitcase that will allow you to move easily? In addition to wear-resistant, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, multi-pocket storage, lightweight and convenient.It also allows you to wear in slim fit cutting!


"AirOgo All-round High-Efficiency Stretch Pants" has all the above functions, and also has a built-in RECCO tracking locator, just like your portable amulet, you can't miss it if you like to explore the world!


AirOgo works with RECCO® patented technology: our Active Pants incorporate these antenna-integrated reflectors that make it easier to detect the garment, and its wearer, in case of an emergency. No matter where you are, you will always feel safe while wearing our Active Pants! And Just like the Pilloon Ultralight, our Active Pants also feature six functional pockets.


Active Pants come in three different colors for incredible versatility, and each Active Pants is designed and engineered for high breathability, waterproof, and they are fully stretchable too!


Do you ever feel the need to stretch yourself a little bit after a long trip on the plane? Our Performance Active Pants integrate the most advanced dynamic stretchable technology for you to exercise in any way you like!

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