Ultimate safe — BFE > 98% Particle Block Flip Mask 


The new flip masks with filters by AirOgo can effectively resist fine and ultra-fine particles, pollens, viruses and bacteria. The filters can be swapped quickly to extend the usage of the masks. We selected waterproof fabric for the materials to prevent the spray of saliva and the smell from the bacteria accumulated on the surface of the masks. The masks are eco-friendly and convenient which can be washed in washing machine and sterilise with hand carry spray easily. Masks are also safe and hygienic as they can be folded to put into the pocket. 


We selected five of the most fashionable colors from the previous products, which are black, white, deep sea blue, dusty blue and himalayan pink for the outer-shell of the masks. Aside from the two sizes (size for children with age 2 to 10 and size for adults) of the masks, we also added in the design of adjustable ear loop which fit different types of faces.



  • Functions:

1.The addition filter pieces can prevent from PM 2.5

2.Prevent pollen and allergen

3.Prevent bacteria

4.Prevent dust

5.Prevent automobile exhaust 

6.Prevent the spray of water and saliva

7.Eco-friendly and can be reused after washing


  • Design Features:

1.The design of small pouch allows the convenient folded storage of the masks

2.The inter-layer allows the replace of filler pieces

3.Adjustable ear loop fits different types of faces


  • Filter pieces inspection

1.Verified by EU CE

2.Verified by USA FDA

3.Verified by Bacteria Filter Efficiency Test with an efficiency over 98%

(*Bacterial Filtration Efficiency or BFE is a measurement of a respirator material's resistance to penetration of bacteria. Results are reported as percent efficiency and correlate with the ability of the fabric to resist bacterial penetration. Higher numbers in this test indicate better barrier efficiency. Wrap fabrics were compared based on grade as well as basis weight.)

4.Each filler piece contains 1g thickened melt-blown filter layer which can extensively filter out particles



USD $22

HKD $165
JPN ¥ 2300
BR £17
EUR €19
SG $30
TWD $650
RMB ¥ 155
(Accurate Retail Price according to Daily rate)

Kid Flip Mask

  • How to use Flip Mask?

     1. Wash the mask / sterilise with disinfectant when you first receive it.

     2. Put the filter into the inner surface under mesh.

     3. Wrap the rubber band around the ear so that the mask is close to the face. Adjust your right length with the white stopper on it.


    Does Flip Mask need to be used with filter?

    It depends on the situation.  The use of filter provides additional ultimate protection, the surface can against airborne particles, the filter has special made melt-blown layer which provide 3-layers triple protection especially bacteria.


    What are the specification of the filter?

    Our External filter successfully passed CE Test in Europe & FDA Test in USA by preventing BFE >= 98% bacteria.  The filtration efficiency depends on the appropriateness of the mask when it is worn.


    Can I change my own filter?

     You can put your own filter into Flip Mask.  Filtration efficiency will depend on your own filter's functionality.


    When should I wear Flip Mask?

    The authorities suggested that we wear masks indoors, in public places, or in crowded places.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages individuals to wear masks or self-made masks in public.  Wearing a mask can prevent asymptomatic people from spreading disease in public places.


    Does buying Flip Mask enjoy the same return policy as other products?

    Since masks are personal items, they cannot be maintained, refunded, returned or exchanged under any circumstances. To uphold responsibilities for safety & sanitation, this item is for final sale and can not be returned or exchanged.


    Is this Flip Mask suitable for everyone?

    Flip Mask has 2 sizes, suitable for most adults & kids. 


     How long can our filter last?

    Flip Mask can be reused after washing. It has quick dry function which can be easily cleaned  by any disinfectant. The lifetime of our filter depending on the environment in which the mask is used, under normal circumstances, we recommend replacing the filter every 4-6 days.


    How do we purchase Flip Mask?

    We do our best to allocate internal resources and develop production lines in order to alleviate the global shortage of masks.  We have automatically donated every single purchase of Flip Mask to support eco-recycle campaign called "ZERO GROUNDS COFFEE CAMPAIGN". Every $1 will be donated to support recycle-cost of our everyday coffee grounds for recycling as to sustain our environment.