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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 1

【SAIZHI, a handsome Korean-Russian cycle racer】

SAIZHI is a handsome racer with a height of 190. He has participated in F1 racing and is also an worldwide backpacker. His life philosophy is completely based on the movie "Eat Pray Love, Enjoy, Travel Alone"

"Be down-to-earth as if you had four legs, then you could stand in this world; don’t look at the world through your mind, but through your heart."

We gave the new product "Pilloon Jacket Ultralight" to this rac er for Tryout Experience. He immediately blew in the most distinctive patented inflatable neck pillow at once.

His expression is like this 👀:

Then he found a bench to lie down and try to sleep💤
"The design of the neck pillow is really amazing! No wonder the design of this jacket has won the IF and the German National Design Award. The fully formed neck pillow design is very light and thin. It really blows up with a light blow! It does not hinder daily life, the shape It is simple and has a sense of design. It does not look like the complicated structure of the functional jacket outside. It looks stupid. I will only bring this one when I travel later!"

#Thank you SAIZHI for sharing

SAIZHI 190cm 65kg wearing olive green size L

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