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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 6

【Taiwan Airbnb Writer - Liyin Liao】

It’s been three years since I returned to the tourism industry. Let’s talk about the great achievements of the past three years or the absurd deeds. Three years ago, I was invited to become a contract author of airbnb china, and returned to the hotel industry to do my favorite travel marketing with my original intention.

Due to the needs of frequent work travel, and travel addiction not going abroad five or six times a year, it will be unbearable. The number of flights per year is about 20 times. (Don’t ask me why I have so many fakes, you can work more overtime) Even more ...

"Sunny, sea breeze, Northeast monsoon arrogant Penghu", I am a little princess sick, do not like to bask in the sun, blowing a little wind will cause headaches, a functional #windproof、# Sun protection, #anti-UV outerwear has become a must-have for travel. SLEEP is always entwined as a clue in business travel, leading to find a moment of rest in the idle time, at this time #AirOgo Pilloon Jacket Ultralight, is your best teammate, If you want to sleep anytime, anywhere

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