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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 4

【Work Travel Commuter & Golf lover - Stephanie 】

Stephanie is both a work travel master and a lover of outdoor mountaineering and golf. She used to work in the family's logistics company, Mandarin Oriental Taipei, and now she is a client relationship executive in Greater China at ECOLXX, a Fortune 500 hotel and catering cleaning company. She is a young and capable professional woman.

We invited Stephanie to try on the new product "Pilloon Jacket Ultralight", and also filmed some real-life dynamics for us. 

Let’s not say much about the process of #TRYOUT, because of the inconvenience condition on the plane and train, we believe that Stephanie knows it well, but here is a more interesting dialogue:

"I went to golf this morning. The rain was all wet, and I thought of your jackets. I can wear them in the future!"

AirOgo colleagues
"Hahaha, right! I didn’t expect that #golf is also very suitable for playing, and it’s also good for sun protection! The hem of the jacket cut is short in the front and long in the back. You can still maintain the Hepburnian elegance when you swing the ball.”

"Outdoor climbing also needs this jacket. If you like, you can blow up the neck pillow and lie down in the wild. Remove the hat when you don’t need it. The fabric is very light and flexible. Girls can wear Bra top with a jacket for sports or running. They are great!"

#Thank you very much Stephanie for sharing

You can refer to Stephanie 175cm 55kg wearing Breeze White size M ❤️
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