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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 5

【Taiwan E-commerce Entrepreneur - Vivienna】

Vivienna is the mother of a child and an e-commerce expert!
Before the epidemic broke out, she was often being invited to participate in various international brand activities because of her good performance, so she often had the opportunity to fly abroad. In addition, she was also a food lover, taking different transportation to enjoy in various cities. Food has become the greatest joy in life.
She once met and said:
"I used computers and mobile phones for too long to do the Double 11 event, my neck is sore!"

AirOgo colleagues:
"Then do you want to experience our coat?
There are concealed neck pillows, and they are worn in the rain in Taipei recently, and they can also be used as raincoats. "

What impressed me most was that after she tried it on, besides admiring the function of the neck pillow, she also said:
"Originally thought that this kind of functional coat would look like # Very complicated and too manly. I didn't expect that although you have so many functions, the appearance is not only invisible, but the tailoring is also very neat! #It also looks good with normal work clothes. Yeah!"

Sure enough, she is an e-commerce strong woman. After seeing various products, she not only pays attention to practical value, but also pays attention to fashion enough to wear! ❤️

#Thank you very much for sharing Vivienna

you can refer to Vivienna 160cm 42kg wearing Breeze White S size also can wear XS
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