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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 3

【Beijing Frequent Work Travel Commuter - Hana】

Hana is a madman who worked an executive in the China supply chain department of the world's top 500 food companies Maxx and Danxxx. She travelled from the production lines and headquarters of different regions for meetings. She said that the life of SUPER COMMUTER has brought her a broader worldview and vision, which is impregnable experience of her life.

Once again, we gave the new product for her to tryout, we found that the ladies are more dedicated on this jacket:


 Everyone reacted like this at the first trial of the neck pillow

"#This is the most functional clothing I want to buy in my life!"

"Generally, professional working ladies has specific image specifications, but when you are on the way for work travel, the weather is unpredictable, the design of this jacket is simple and convenient, and the functions of UV protection and full rain protection can complement each other. And there are enough pockets to store important items such as passports, ID cards, etc., because people will be delirious on the way to catch a flight crazy haha.

Neck pillows and eye masks are impeccable. She will choose to put this coat in her bag every day and not take up any weight, and also prepare for emergencies, so that I feel safe everywhere!

#Thank you very much Hana for sharing

Hana 168cm 48kg wearing an Olive Green S size (girls look great too!)

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