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AirOgo Pilloon Ultralight Experience 2

【Russian freehand rock climbing wanderlust - Oleg Perfilev】

Oleg is a professional free-handed rock climbing warrior with the genes of a fierce fighting nation. He was born in the mountains of Southern Siberia and was a "wild boy" since childhood. The mountains he climbed with his bare hands were 150 large and small, and he spent three days in the cave under hunger and cold.

For me, finding suitable outdoor clothing is definitely quite difficult, especially in regions with subtropical climates such as Taiwan or Hong Kong. It is very uncomfortable if you choose an air-tight coat in humid weather, and it will be cloudy and rainy in the outdoor environment. I will only choose a fully waterproof softshell jacket.

I received "Pilloon Jacket ultralight" as tryout experience, and I was surprised that finally there is a jacket that can make high-quality, high-configuration, and perfect light-weight jackets.

Always remember the feeling of blowing up the pillow at the first bite:

  "It's amazing!" 

Finally there is a coat that can make me lie down on all the hills in the world

#Thank you very much Oleg for sharing the experience

Oleg 189cm 62kg wearing size L

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